Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blog 3

iPhone Used By One Year Old Baby
This baby is adorable. He is one year old and knows how to use an iPhone! His motor functions are not quite as advanced as an adult's would be and he gets a little enthused but he still manages to get where he wants to go. The phone actually looked like a very fun toy for him.

My teachers keep telling us that the younger students that are coming up today know more technology than their teachers do. This child is a great example. He will be starting school when I start teaching. He will have grown up using the newer technology. The use of technology starts almost from birth. New games use for children to learn to read at an earlier age or just something to keep them entertained are coming out several time a year. Children stay inside more and more often and keep themselves entertained by playing with technology. Click here for iPhone Baby video

One of the Podcasts that I listened to was called Kidcast. The segment that I listened to talked about Videocast. The man explain how to make Videocast and their pros and cons. I prefer his podcast, where the talker speaks to the listeners, to the podcast where there are two talkers and they talk mostly to each other.

David Warlick had a podcast where he talks to several different teachers and they discuss podcasting in the classroom. The teachers help their students podcast or post lessons so students can look back and look over what their teacher had taught earlier. They also used class chat room to go over lessons. This just shows how much farther technology is heading in education. Education is really moving with the times. Using technology can really help students get into learning. In another podcast, EdTechTalk, a teacher tells us that some of her students used Wikis to communicate with each other to do some out of class work. Her students were even exercising their leadership skill by answering each others' questions online.
Another podcast tell about the new iPad. I just find it amazing that all of this new technology is popping up everywhere. You can buy one thing that is top of the line and brand new, but two months later something else could come out that new newer and supposedly better.

Media Literacy in the First Grade and Little Kids... Big Potential
These kids are amazing and adorable. I actually did get a little confused doing something on their web page and had to remember what they said to do to comment. I made my roommate watch this video with me and it surprised us both to see such young children doing so well technologically. I am a sophomore in college and I have to catch up with first graders. I never would have thought that would happen.

It amazes me to see how well these children can use the computer. It is great to see how much fun the children have learning. This is great for them. They are in first grade and can use the internet. While they are using technology, they are also learning how to share at the same time. Hopefully they will keep learning as they get older.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog 2

A Vision of Students Today
Part of this video is much like my college life. I spent most of my days in my room. If I am not in my room I am in class or getting groceries. My twenty credit hour semester keeps me fairly busy. So many hours have to go into each class for homework and studying. Once one is done, another is waiting.

I know that college students spend much time and money but it surprised me to see exactly how much is spent. I personally know people that have spent hundreds of dollars on text books only to find that they will never use it in the class. The needless waste of money like this is a part of the reason why students are up to twenty thousand dollars in debt by the time they graduate.

It's Not about the Technology
Thank you Mrs. Hines! I had just read that what I learn about technology now will become obsolete by the time I start teaching. Since I keep hearing that technology is the future, I worried that my technological deficiencies may affect my ability to teach. Thank you for telling us that teaching and learning can be done with or without technology.

Having the ability to teach is the most important tool. I also know first hand that a teacher may know the subject he or she is teaching but they must be able to teach the subject to others. Throwing information at students is not teaching. Teachers must find a way to instruct in a way students can understand. Giving the teacher costly equipment will not help students learn if the teacher cannot teach.

Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
Technology is everywhere and growing. There are newer iPods and iPhones, smaller computers, and applications galore for all of them. Homes, businesses, and schools all have and use technology increasingly but we can still work well without it.

Although I do think that technology is very useful in teaching, I cannot see being technology illiterate as such a terrible thing. I do not think that I will ever be my definition of technology literate but I do plan on using technology to aid in my teaching. I do not believe I will fail as a teacher just because I am technology illiterate.

Gary's Social Media Count
This was amazing. I did not realize just how much people use technology to communicate. The video "A Vision of Students Today" showed how many hours a college students averages on Facebook but this shows how much people use technology to communicate with each other. It also shows many different ways people can communicate with each other without being near.

The money and time people put into technology is amazing. The numbers shown on this does indicate that using the internet would be a great way of advertising. People can have a life and live well without actually leaving their front porch. I do wonder how people would react if they were pulled off their computers,cells, and iPods.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blog 1

Did You Know? 3.0
I loved this presentation!It gave random bits of information about technology and humans in general. The graphics were great at emphasizing the bits of information and all of the data was easy to understand. The information surprised me but it made sense.
I found some of the facts amusing, like "there are 31 million searches on Google every month," because I am guilty of being a part of that 31 million. As a future teacher, it vexed me when I learned that all the technical information I learn in college will be outdated by the time I start actually teaching.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
I thought that this was a cute video for children. Poor Mr. Winkle really did receive a shocker. I can't imagine waking up to see my entire world changed.
I think Mr. Winkle might have notice a few more differences in the places he visited. One thing that might have stood out was female workers. The number of female workers probably equaled the number of male workers, which is very different from one hundred years ago. Mr. Winkle might have seen that instead of blackboards and chalk, teachers use white boards and markers and projectors to teach their students. The number of students in the school might have also alarmed him. Students are now required to go to school whereas one hundred years ago, students might have skipped school to help out their families with work around the house. He might have noticed that unruly children in school are not disciplined as they were in his time. He might have also learned that random people cannot wander around a school campus unauthorized without some type of consequence.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
I thought that this video was great. I really hope to use this teacher's technique of teaching. She was teaching not only technology, but cooperation. The students were working together and teaching each other which only helps to reinforce what they have learned.
She also expected the students to try to learn. She said she would use new words and not explain what they mean. Students have to look up the word themselves. I have learned the hard way from my father that this also is a better way of remembering something instead of just being spoon fed information.

Schools Kill Creativity
Sir Ken Robinson shocked me. His humor was fascinating and his speech was brimming with sense and marvelous ideas. I have never thought about some of the things that he spoke of. The thought of children growing out of creativity by being taught to fear doing something wrong scares me.
I loved Gillian Lynne's story. I had heard it somewhere else and thought about it often but I was never told who the little girl was. I had already disliked the idea of children being diagnosed with ADD and Gillian Lynne's story just strengthened my disapproval.