Friday, April 30, 2010

Technology Interview

This is an interview I did with a teacher on her views of technology in her classroom. You can download a copy of it here. We talked about what she uses in her classroom and some other ideas that she could add.

Happy Trails!

Two Dogs with Luggage: Good-bye!
So long. Sayonara. Chao! It's the end of the semester and I'm sure many of us are scrambling around, trying to make sure that we've turned all of our assignments in. I must say that I have enjoyed this class, though I've lost sleep and probably melted many brain cells trying to get the loads of assignments done. I have enjoyed working on the assignments when I could take the time to relax into it. Farewell and good luck!

Final Post

The End
I really would like to use blogging in my classroom. I like the idea of my students using the internet and communicating with other schools. I also like the idea of having a place to put extra classroom materials and information for my students to look at whenever they have the need using blogs, videos or recordings, or even iTunes U. Their parents would also be able to look at what we are learning, if they were interested.
I know the Google is going to be a big part of my education world. Both my students and I can use Google Docs, Spreadsheets, mail, Forms, et cetera in my classroom for projects. I already use Google Presentation in my classes whenever I have to do a presentation. I love that I can work on it with my group members no matter where they are.
I came into this class knowing only who to use Microsoft Office. I leave knowing everything that I thought I needed and more. I cannot imagine trying to forget anything that I have learned in this class. Though I do not feel that everything will be a huge benefit in my class, I do think that it might come in handy, such as ALEX.
I did get excited in this class. After looking at some posts from my Comments4Teachers, I wanted to hurry up and graduate so I could start trying out these ideas. Looking at the Comments4Kids was, though and assignment, was fun to look at. I loved looking at what the kids would say. Overall, at various times in this class, I would read about doing something in the classroom, and I would get excited just because it sounds like something that my students would enjoy. I get excited about using things that would make my future students want to learn.
I have to say that trying to come up with paragraphs every week was somewhat challenging, especially when I felt like that a topic was similar to the previous topic. I did not like fluffing up paragraphs just to have more to write about and I have had to do that a few times, both in this class and others. I also found it a little challenging getting time to get all of my school work done in time and trying to breathe. My dad said that college life is supposed to be the best time of my life. I hope that next semester will be better. I can say that I have never been bored in this class. Though I still think that our class had a lot of work, I do believe that everything we learn should still be taught for the future classes. I cannot pick out anything that I think should be removed.
I am not technology literate nor am I technology illiterate. I think that I am somewhere in the middle. I know a good bit of information but not near everything. I plan on using what I do know both while I am learning and teaching. Hopefully I will be able to stay on top of the new technologies that will be coming out in the future.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project 14- Substantive Presentation

This is my project 14 presentation. Since I had thought that making a website was hard and complex, I thought that other people might think that same. I wanted to show just how easy it really can be.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 15

A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment
I that screen for my homepage. I love how she can see all of her special sites on that one page. It would be much easier for me to get to my sites with that. I noticed a couple of sites that we both use (besides Facebook and such.) It is great that she seems so excited about this style of learning and that she enjoys the responsibility of making sure she does her own work.
I don't know if she uses Twitter, but if she could find the right pages I think it could be helpful for her also. I think that our Networks/Environments are basically the same. We both use experts to learn more about whichever topic we want to know about.

Walking Towards Sunset
Question Marks
Two Questions That Can Change Your Life
This two-minute video really makes one think. What is your sentence? How do you want to be remembered? What is the one thing that you want people to think of when they see you? Mr. Pink points out that it was said that "a great man is a sentence." Instead of trying to achieve everything in the world, try for just one thing that will make you stand out. I have all of these plan to really do something important in peoples' lives. I guess I want my sentence to be something along the lines of "She pushed me to achieve my dreams."
The second question was, "Was I better today than yesterday?" I think that I do ask myself this question from time to time, with school related topics. I try to get better at finishing school projects earlier than the time before. I also try to better my grades from the time before until I can do no better. I think this is what he means for us to do with our entire lives. We need to try to better ourselves everyday in every aspect of our lives.Hopefully, this way whenever we get to the end our lives, we know that we have achieved what we wanted.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Project 8- Teach Someone Something

This is my Google presentation on how to use one of my favorite technologies. We have used this in our class to talk to other teachers. I use it to keep up with my big sister and my boyfriend who both live four hours away from me. I also hope to use it in my classroom to really get my students involved in learning.

Google Earth

Our class was told to make a tour using Google Earth. I had fun with this. I loved that I could change my views of the locations.Check out my project!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 14

Girl playing softball
Comments 4 Kids
This week for my Comments 4 Kids, I read a post from Tokorima in New Zealand. She told us about her day at her sister's ballgame. She even explained some of the terminology that she used, which was extremely useful for someone like me. Check it out.
Week 14 Post
For this weeks blog assignment, I have decided to write about blogging. I had seen the place to blog on my Facebook and Myspace profile but I had never used them or really paid attention to it. I did not really know what they were for. Enter EDM 310.
The first thing we did in this class was set up our own blog accounts. Each week, we were to blog on some assignments given to us. A little later on, we started looking at other blogs. We commented on blogs of grade school students. We saw they were learning the same thing we, the college students, were working on. We commented on a few teachers' blogs. I was excited to learn some new ways of teaching with technology through my blog searches. We have learned how to add links, pictures, videos, slides, et cetera. Though I know that some of us may have been irritates with all of the blog related projects we have had to do (everything?) it will be worth it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Comments 4 Teachers: Week 13 and 14

Week 13 and 14 Summary
I am assigned What Now? What Next? So What? for my Comments for Teachers for a couple of weeks. Did you know that the Internet was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? The post I looked at showed a video from BBC. A "person of the Internet" explained how her people are so helpful. The Internet is probably one of the most used tools for learning and communication and I do think that it deserve recognition for all that it has helped us do.
The next week I learned about a printer. Normally when we think about printers, we picture a machine that prints out copies of photos or papers for class. This pinter can print out wine glasses or foosball players. Sadly, it costs about $950.

Week 13 Comment
Hello! My name is Kathleen Cosgrove. I am a student from the University of South Alabama. I never thought about the Internet this way before. I would prefer for a real flesh and bone person to actually receive the award but I do see why the Internet is a good nominee. I agree in what Miss Eaton said about how the Internet has had a negative impact in to world, but, overall, I think that Internet has done more good than bad. I think that it is how the person using the Internet is using it that determines whether it is good or bad. We rely on the Internet for a great deal of our learning and communications. It would be hard to imagine a world without Internet. Grandparents can see and talk to their grandson five states away. A three year old can share pictures of her world with people throughout the world. I can learn fun and new ways of teaching information to my future students. The Internet deserves recognition for all of the good that has come from it, but I would rather recognize the people who do good.

Futuristic Printer
Week 14 Comment
This is extremely cool. It would be fun to see what kind of ideas students could get using this for projects. With all of the technology being invented, I guess it is about time that something like this came out. I wonder what’s next…

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Record Player
In class, we have learned about different ways to teach in our future classrooms. We have learned that making voice recordings would be a wonderful aid for both teachers and students. Teachers could make recordings of lessons and post them on class blogs, as I am doing. You can either click on this link or the green box below to listen to one of the recordings that I have made that I deemed fair enough to post.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 13

Comments 4 Kids
I visited a blog from a class in New Zealand today. I looked at their post Listening to the Sounds Outside. I was very surprised of Jacobs vocabulary. It is very nice for a forth year student, I though. He tells us about a class outing where he and his classmates laid in the sun and watched the clouds roll by. It sounds very peaceful.
Dr. Seuss The Zax
The Zax
Dr. Seuss is great teacher. His stories can have some great morals. Though written for children, we can definitely get something out of them. The Zax tells us of two creature called Zax who accidentally walk into each other. Each refuses to move the the other side. They never move.
This video was shown to us to make a sort of statement about open mindedness. We need to be able to move forward and make compromises where needed. We talked about technology illiterate teaching and this video shows us what we look like if we do not try to adapt to different situations. One thing is different. The Zax only hurt themselves. Technology illiterate teachers could be hurting the learning that their students could be experiencing.

Student Blogging
Posting work for other people to see is a wonderful way for students to reach out beyond their classroom. As a student, if my work is going to be seen by other people I try to make it even better. I go over the material more than usual, therefore, I learn the matter better. Students posting their works can be better for other students. We can put our spin on the works and make it easier for other students to understand. We can also point out things to help other students, like The Zax from above.
Students can show us something interesting for their class assignment and our entertainment, like Lee's class post about Butt Glue. Some students can show off their hard work to the world. For instance, PS 22 Chorus posted a video of them singing Landslide from Fleetwood Mac for their teacher. Other posts can be students just posting their day (and working on their spelling and typing) like Jacob from my Comments 4 Kids this week.

Timetoast Timeline II

United States of America

I bet you can't guess what my timeline topic is! I pondered what next to make for this timeline. I did not want to make something that would be too boring or strange so I chose this. My new Timetoast Timeline is each American states joining the United States of America. Check it out!