Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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iPhone Used By One Year Old Baby
This baby is adorable. He is one year old and knows how to use an iPhone! His motor functions are not quite as advanced as an adult's would be and he gets a little enthused but he still manages to get where he wants to go. The phone actually looked like a very fun toy for him.

My teachers keep telling us that the younger students that are coming up today know more technology than their teachers do. This child is a great example. He will be starting school when I start teaching. He will have grown up using the newer technology. The use of technology starts almost from birth. New games use for children to learn to read at an earlier age or just something to keep them entertained are coming out several time a year. Children stay inside more and more often and keep themselves entertained by playing with technology. Click here for iPhone Baby video

One of the Podcasts that I listened to was called Kidcast. The segment that I listened to talked about Videocast. The man explain how to make Videocast and their pros and cons. I prefer his podcast, where the talker speaks to the listeners, to the podcast where there are two talkers and they talk mostly to each other.

David Warlick had a podcast where he talks to several different teachers and they discuss podcasting in the classroom. The teachers help their students podcast or post lessons so students can look back and look over what their teacher had taught earlier. They also used class chat room to go over lessons. This just shows how much farther technology is heading in education. Education is really moving with the times. Using technology can really help students get into learning. In another podcast, EdTechTalk, a teacher tells us that some of her students used Wikis to communicate with each other to do some out of class work. Her students were even exercising their leadership skill by answering each others' questions online.
Another podcast tell about the new iPad. I just find it amazing that all of this new technology is popping up everywhere. You can buy one thing that is top of the line and brand new, but two months later something else could come out that new newer and supposedly better.

Media Literacy in the First Grade and Little Kids... Big Potential
These kids are amazing and adorable. I actually did get a little confused doing something on their web page and had to remember what they said to do to comment. I made my roommate watch this video with me and it surprised us both to see such young children doing so well technologically. I am a sophomore in college and I have to catch up with first graders. I never would have thought that would happen.

It amazes me to see how well these children can use the computer. It is great to see how much fun the children have learning. This is great for them. They are in first grade and can use the internet. While they are using technology, they are also learning how to share at the same time. Hopefully they will keep learning as they get older.

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  1. Kathleen,

    One of the major points about this class is that children in this and the next generation are growing up in a technological world. As teachers, we need to prepare ourselves for their special skill set. I think class is a great way to start your technological training for becoming a future teacher.