Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog 2

A Vision of Students Today
Part of this video is much like my college life. I spent most of my days in my room. If I am not in my room I am in class or getting groceries. My twenty credit hour semester keeps me fairly busy. So many hours have to go into each class for homework and studying. Once one is done, another is waiting.

I know that college students spend much time and money but it surprised me to see exactly how much is spent. I personally know people that have spent hundreds of dollars on text books only to find that they will never use it in the class. The needless waste of money like this is a part of the reason why students are up to twenty thousand dollars in debt by the time they graduate.

It's Not about the Technology
Thank you Mrs. Hines! I had just read that what I learn about technology now will become obsolete by the time I start teaching. Since I keep hearing that technology is the future, I worried that my technological deficiencies may affect my ability to teach. Thank you for telling us that teaching and learning can be done with or without technology.

Having the ability to teach is the most important tool. I also know first hand that a teacher may know the subject he or she is teaching but they must be able to teach the subject to others. Throwing information at students is not teaching. Teachers must find a way to instruct in a way students can understand. Giving the teacher costly equipment will not help students learn if the teacher cannot teach.

Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
Technology is everywhere and growing. There are newer iPods and iPhones, smaller computers, and applications galore for all of them. Homes, businesses, and schools all have and use technology increasingly but we can still work well without it.

Although I do think that technology is very useful in teaching, I cannot see being technology illiterate as such a terrible thing. I do not think that I will ever be my definition of technology literate but I do plan on using technology to aid in my teaching. I do not believe I will fail as a teacher just because I am technology illiterate.

Gary's Social Media Count
This was amazing. I did not realize just how much people use technology to communicate. The video "A Vision of Students Today" showed how many hours a college students averages on Facebook but this shows how much people use technology to communicate with each other. It also shows many different ways people can communicate with each other without being near.

The money and time people put into technology is amazing. The numbers shown on this does indicate that using the internet would be a great way of advertising. People can have a life and live well without actually leaving their front porch. I do wonder how people would react if they were pulled off their computers,cells, and iPods.


  1. Hey Kathleen! You make a great point about “A Vision of Students Today.” I was shocked at some of the numbers and prices in the video. I was aware it was a lot, but seeing it all put together surprised me as well. The point you made about text books is so true, fortunately I’m not 20,000 in debt, however I know so many students who are, and who spend anywhere between $500-$600 a semester on textbooks that in some cases they never open.

  2. Hey Kathleen, I am Robyn and I am in your class :) In "A Vision of Students Today" I agree with you sooooo much I didn't realize how we spend on school either but we do we spend so much money on texts. I spend about $500 dollars on texts a semester and get no money back. Just like you I spend so much time studying and I feel like I am always studying!!!!