Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 13

Comments 4 Kids
I visited a blog from a class in New Zealand today. I looked at their post Listening to the Sounds Outside. I was very surprised of Jacobs vocabulary. It is very nice for a forth year student, I though. He tells us about a class outing where he and his classmates laid in the sun and watched the clouds roll by. It sounds very peaceful.
Dr. Seuss The Zax
The Zax
Dr. Seuss is great teacher. His stories can have some great morals. Though written for children, we can definitely get something out of them. The Zax tells us of two creature called Zax who accidentally walk into each other. Each refuses to move the the other side. They never move.
This video was shown to us to make a sort of statement about open mindedness. We need to be able to move forward and make compromises where needed. We talked about technology illiterate teaching and this video shows us what we look like if we do not try to adapt to different situations. One thing is different. The Zax only hurt themselves. Technology illiterate teachers could be hurting the learning that their students could be experiencing.

Student Blogging
Posting work for other people to see is a wonderful way for students to reach out beyond their classroom. As a student, if my work is going to be seen by other people I try to make it even better. I go over the material more than usual, therefore, I learn the matter better. Students posting their works can be better for other students. We can put our spin on the works and make it easier for other students to understand. We can also point out things to help other students, like The Zax from above.
Students can show us something interesting for their class assignment and our entertainment, like Lee's class post about Butt Glue. Some students can show off their hard work to the world. For instance, PS 22 Chorus posted a video of them singing Landslide from Fleetwood Mac for their teacher. Other posts can be students just posting their day (and working on their spelling and typing) like Jacob from my Comments 4 Kids this week.


  1. I agree that teacher's that act like the Zax are only hurting their students and futures.

  2. Hello, I just wanted to say wonderful blog post. I really enjoyed watching the video about the two different Zax's.