Saturday, April 10, 2010

Comments 4 Teachers: Week 13 and 14

Week 13 and 14 Summary
I am assigned What Now? What Next? So What? for my Comments for Teachers for a couple of weeks. Did you know that the Internet was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? The post I looked at showed a video from BBC. A "person of the Internet" explained how her people are so helpful. The Internet is probably one of the most used tools for learning and communication and I do think that it deserve recognition for all that it has helped us do.
The next week I learned about a printer. Normally when we think about printers, we picture a machine that prints out copies of photos or papers for class. This pinter can print out wine glasses or foosball players. Sadly, it costs about $950.

Week 13 Comment
Hello! My name is Kathleen Cosgrove. I am a student from the University of South Alabama. I never thought about the Internet this way before. I would prefer for a real flesh and bone person to actually receive the award but I do see why the Internet is a good nominee. I agree in what Miss Eaton said about how the Internet has had a negative impact in to world, but, overall, I think that Internet has done more good than bad. I think that it is how the person using the Internet is using it that determines whether it is good or bad. We rely on the Internet for a great deal of our learning and communications. It would be hard to imagine a world without Internet. Grandparents can see and talk to their grandson five states away. A three year old can share pictures of her world with people throughout the world. I can learn fun and new ways of teaching information to my future students. The Internet deserves recognition for all of the good that has come from it, but I would rather recognize the people who do good.

Futuristic Printer
Week 14 Comment
This is extremely cool. It would be fun to see what kind of ideas students could get using this for projects. With all of the technology being invented, I guess it is about time that something like this came out. I wonder what’s next…

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