Thursday, February 25, 2010

Comments 4 Teachers(Week 7, 8, 9)

These are the comments that I posted for my Comments 4 Teachers

Bringing the Novel to Life
Wow. I adore reading and have thought about joining or making a book club but I never thought about any details. This makes a book club sound so much more organized but fun than what I really thought. Since I plan on being an English teacher, this sounds like it would be very helpful for me.

A Dozen Ways to Incorporate Technology into the History Classroom
I really liked this presentation. Though I am going to be an English teacher instead of History, I still see this as very helpful. This may be goofy but I got really excited about what I can use in my future class and how I will use them when I saw all of your ideas. I think that I could have fun making some lessons and my students could have fun and really learn with technology in my classroom.

Walden University Video- Using Technology to Expand the Classroom
I loved that you said that you do not want your class to just exist just during class time. I really want to be one of the teachers that interests their students in what they are learning. I want learning to be fun for them. If I take what you have talked about, I sure that I can succeed. Thank you so much!

The posts that I read were so inspiring and interesting for me. I really enjoyed this project. Mr. Langhorst is now officially on my PLN. I learned so much from him. I am extremely excited to about being able to actually put what I have learned into some use. Unfortunately for me, I have a while before I can.

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