Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Week 6

Comments 4 Kids
This week I watched a video by year 4 students in Mr. McCafferty's class. They learned a catchy little ditty that can help them with problem solving. The students were so animated while they sang (or shouted) that I watched the video a few times. Because of the students' animation, i.e. the clapping, stomping, and yelling, the song repeated itself in my head for a while afterwards. For me, things like this (simple and catchy) help me to remember answers or information

Dr. Alice Christie's Web Site
My favorite part of Dr. Christie's web site was in the tab called Searching the Web. I think that out of all of the useful information on her web site, the is the most useful. With all of the things that I have been doing in school and observed from some teachers, this is wonderful. The tab contains information and links to information about the web. It also has links to dozens of search engines and research resources. This is a great place to start of research.

As a student, I have research papers to worry about all the time. I always use Google or Yahoo search just because I do not know any other. I think one of my favorite search engine on the page is HotBot. It shows the website's home page so I can see what the site looks like before I click on it. Another good page that I can use or send my students to is called High School Ace. It has link to any subject a high schooler might have. It also has links to see what is on the new today or difference references. Those are just two of the links that I can use. You should check it out.

iTunes University
Before this class, iTune use to just be a way for me to listen to music or maybe watch some videos. It was just for entertainment. Now iTunes is a place for me to learn. What a difference, right? iTunes purpose is no longer just entertainment but also education. Now I can see lectures(some for fun, of my choice, and not graded) and other course material from universities on iTunes U. For anyone involved in the field of education, this is a great help.

iTunes U has browser that you can use to find different subjects for you purpose. As a student, you can find lessons online for whenever you need it or other lesson that can help you understand. As a teacher, you can post lessons or problems online for your students to use. You can learn a different languages through the language link or just learn more about the English grammar. In the education section you can see things like Guitar Hero to Microsoft Excel. As iTunes U says, "Learn anything, anytime, anywhere." Thank you iTunes U.

iPod Use in the Classroom
iPods are much more than mere music players now. They are now tools for educators. iPod can be used for just a single class to classes across the globe. They are students very own pocket classroom in which they can stop and replay over and over. From kindergarten to university levels, iPod used is rapidly expanding. The Chapin School uses iPods for their foreign languages, computer proficiency, and music classes. Georgia College & State University created iVillage where their students can virtually learn and communicate with each other.

In 2004, Duke University gave iPod to all of their first year students for the students to use in their classes. They now give iPods to students only in certain courses. Duke expected twelve hundred students to use iPods for lectures and the like for some of their Spring 2005 courses. Duke Digital Initiative, formerly known as iPod First Year Experience, is a program in which students work on mastering the use of technology through use strategies, teaching, and curriculum enhancement. If you would like to see some uses of the iPod in classrooms, check out Education World.


  1. Hi Kathleen,

    I totally agree with you about Dr. Christie's website. It has a lot of helpful material for feature educators. iTunes on south website was a good investment in my opinion because of what it offers the students. GOOD JOB ON YOUR BLOG!!!

  2. Hey Kathleen! I totally did the same thing as you with i tunes listening to music and watching the occasional video. Now I'm glad that I now that it is an educational tool too!! Nice job an your blog!