Thursday, March 25, 2010

Comments 4 Teachers (Week 10 & 12)

Week Ten
We are learning about technology and how to use it in our classes. I knew how to integrate technology into classes. I learned that it can be helpful and boosts interest from students into the lessons. This video went further into depth about getting students into classes. I guess as a future teacher, I should try to used the time that students will use on technology anyways as a learning experience.

Week 12
I loved this video. I have heard horror stories of teachers not being able to be creative in their classrooms. I have heard that we will not be able to really get students involved because we will be so regulated and have to focus on teaching the curriculum. What I have been learning in my EDM 310 class, through you and other teachers, should help me put creativity and deeper learning into my classroom.
I had not thought about elements in education being outdated or replaced like some of the things you have pointed out correcting fluid, remote controls, and pay phones. I really would love to be able to use technology in my future classroom to really get my students to learn.

The more that I have learned about teaching through technology, the more excited and hopeful I get about getting into a classroom. I cannot wait to be able to help put that spark back into learning. I really like how Mr. Stange is so into teaching. He is one of the teachers that I would have loved to have when I was in high school.

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