Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 10

Comments 4 Kids
This week for my comments for kids, I read Mikala G.'s post. Mikala explained some of the dangers of littering for animals. I agree. Save animals and stop littering!

An Open Letter to Educators
One thing that struck me at the beginning of the video was Mr. Brown saying that universities were a place where great minds gathered to learn. The first thing that popped into my head was all of the empty seats that I normally see in my classes from people skipping. The other thing that he said was education is now free. We have seen evidence of this through some of the things we have been learning and researching. One of the biggies that pops into my mind is iTunes U where anyone with internet access can learn just about any random topic. We could also use Google or Yahoo search.
Mr. Brown suggests leaving the university to get a free education. I do not think that many places would give me a job if I said that I dropped out of school to get a free education instead. If they did take me, I would receive less pay than my other co-workers who did pay for their education. Thought I do understand that I could learn all that I am learning here for free, I cannot see myself succeeding without that college degree unless I could come up with my own company or something brilliant. I do plan on stoking creativity and helping my students show their individuality. I just want to go to a school that will take me and teach children that need me.
I actually do have classes where my teachers make an effort to know my name. They also want us to speak to them and each other. They encourage us to say how we thought about something because it gets students involved in class and the lecture. I think that they know that students being involved in the classes learn more. I might just be lucky to have good teachers. I do think that blogging and networking can help students and people even more that just plain talking or researching on your own.

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