Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 12

World Connected
Comments 4 Kids
I read Aroha's post this week. Aroha is in her second year at her school in New Zealand. Her class is using iMovies to tell us about her day. In her last post, she tells us her Grandmother came to visit the class. Aroha is doing a great job!

Connecting Across the World
Mr. Chamberlain and his class in Missouri, USA, Skyped to Mr. Raisdana in Doha, Qatar, in September 2009. The class used VoiceThread to talk to Mr. Raisdana's now four year old daughter, Kaia. Kaia, too, uses the internet and has her own blog. She takes pictures and tells us about her day. With Skype, VoiceThread or blogs, students, friends and family can learn and communicate with each other in an instant. It is kind of neat to think that only a couple of decades ago this type of communication was not even thought of. We really did not even start using the Internet until the 90's and now we are talking to people thousands of miles away. With this technology, we can feel like we are actually across the world. I wonder what we will be seeing in two more decades.

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